Sunday, June 19, 2011

New feature: Direct Downloads

Upon popular request we have added a direct download service in cooperation with MaikuAndo.TV.
The latest downloadable files are accessible via the top section of the right sidebar on this website. In case you are looking for older releases or want to check out which other series they offer, please check out their website www.MaikuAndo.TV.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Princess Lover! Uncensored 01

or: The Disapperance of the Black Holes

Enjoy Princess Lover finally to its full extent!
Sourced directly from Blu-Ray discs.

Due to minor timing issues with the OP kara and one sign, as well as the aspect ratio of the .avi being off slightly, we have released a v2.

Princess Lover! Uncensored - 01v2 (XviD - 234.05MB)
Princess Lover! Uncensored - 01v2 (h264 - 349.75MB)