Thursday, August 27, 2009

Princess Lover 08

With united forces to the rescue.

Crisis at Arima Hills. Enemy forces have entered the building.

Join our heroes in their rescue mission:

Princess Lover! - 08 (XviD - 231.07MB)
Princess Lover! - 08 (h264 - 300.27MB)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Princess Lover 07

In Episode 7 Teppei finally got soft facts in his hands.

After the slow-paced last episode a sudden turn of events raises the tension to the roof.

Get yourself ready for an exciting episode!

Princess Lover! - 07 (XviD - 230.99MB)
Princess Lover! - 07 (h264 - 295.89MB)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Princess Lover 06

Censoring is reaching new heights in episode 6.

Don't panic! There's nothing wrong with your eyesight. You don't have a case of sudden cataracts.
Some parts of cloud nine found their way to the girls as a stand-in for the black holes, which are on vacation.
At least they can't cover the fun.

So let's relax and savor some fun times with this episode of Princess Lover!

Princess Lover! - 06 (XviD - 231.51MB)
Princess Lover! - 06 (h264 - 300.30MB)

EDIT: We are very sorry, but due to problems processing the raw with a non-GMC-supportive software, our encoder had no other choice but to incorporate it for this episode.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Princess Lover 05

Charlotte's new experiences.

First off, some people requested the warp points (or: GMC, Global Motion Compensation) to be removed, as this breaks some hardware compability. This is a encoding function that can reduce filesize slightly in some cases. From Episode 05 on, GMC will no longer be incorporated in our encodes so people can enjoy Princess Lover in even more places where hardware plays XviD. All v2's of episodes will also be left free from GMC.

Also, we would like to thank Dustin, Van and Kuo for kindly donating a superb amount of $36, next to Kristian's earlier donated $5. Thanks a lot guys, this HELPS!

But for now, let's get ourselves dragged into an exploratory trip with Charlotte.

Princess Lover! - 05 (XviD - 230.79MB)

Princess Lover! - 05 (h264 - 319.81MB)

EDIT: Austin and Yendi have also donated, and Kristian has donated another $24! That brings us up to a grand total of $80. This means we got our goal this month! Thank you!