Thursday, August 6, 2009

Princess Lover 05

Charlotte's new experiences.

First off, some people requested the warp points (or: GMC, Global Motion Compensation) to be removed, as this breaks some hardware compability. This is a encoding function that can reduce filesize slightly in some cases. From Episode 05 on, GMC will no longer be incorporated in our encodes so people can enjoy Princess Lover in even more places where hardware plays XviD. All v2's of episodes will also be left free from GMC.

Also, we would like to thank Dustin, Van and Kuo for kindly donating a superb amount of $36, next to Kristian's earlier donated $5. Thanks a lot guys, this HELPS!

But for now, let's get ourselves dragged into an exploratory trip with Charlotte.

Princess Lover! - 05 (XviD - 230.79MB)

Princess Lover! - 05 (h264 - 319.81MB)

EDIT: Austin and Yendi have also donated, and Kristian has donated another $24! That brings us up to a grand total of $80. This means we got our goal this month! Thank you!


  1. Ah, thanks a lot!
    I'm waitig for this Translation.
    You save my Day!

  2. Thanks guys for spending your freetime to sub these eps for us :)
    good luck whit the upcoming episodes too (^_^)

  3. thank you you guys are awesome!!!!

  4. Thank you for the Release!

  5. First of all, I want to say thank you for the release.

    However, for this episode only, I can't seem to get the subtitles to show up. I am using the CCCP codec pack and MPC.

  6. hitode fan for life <===

  7. Anonymous @ August 6, 2009 5:19:00 PM MDT:

    I recommend trying KMPlayer, it's an all-in video player like VLC, but I personally prefer it because it doesn't distort the subtitles as much as VLC does.


    I'm not familiar with MPC, so I'm afraid I cannot help you there.

    Thanks for the great comments!

  8. OH NO time for Name fix
    Sylvia and not Silvie [18:53]
    and we are D00med by JP google translation JP to Ger

  9. NUUU! That bed scene! Why... Why does it have to censor... I died a little inside when I saw that...

  10. Anonymous @ August 7, 2009 6:28:00 AM MDT :
    Well, ... We were shocked too. :3 But in the game and manga it also differs a bit. It's really strange, but we will now be holding on to our current name of Sylvie... Or was it Silvia? :P

    And yes. The german is... AWFUL! We tried our best on that... xD

  11. Sometimes i feel really sorry for all the people who dont speak german. You cant imagine what wonderful words and sentences they invent by using google. Even if there are far better chimeras in other animes im going to share with you.
    Letter: "At god. Sylvia makes a good child..."
    Sorry guys, but the second half is (as we say in germany) beyond of good or evil.
    Street: "A mother is early and return."
    (Rückkehr = return (noun))
    I hope our japanese friends never get sick of it. ;)

  12. Hi Hitode-subs,

    could u guys contact me in ICQ, i would talk to u about a co-operation.

    My ICQ Number is 367192578

    So pls contact me

  13. it always makes me happy to see fansubing groups working together, or at least trying. i just hope gleam doesn't feel left out ;)

  14. Thanks Hitode for your work!!

    I'm entering DTs now because I'm an anime junkie going through withdraws...

    Can't wait to get my next Fix!


  15. Princess Lover 06 progress?

  16. yeah a progress bar would be nice, although most groups don't have one... i wonder why?

  17. alot of donations but still this slow?

  18. trip crys and crys

    dreams of PL06 and beyond

    Thanks for the subs! Hope RL doesn't bog you down.


  19. Sebastian Lara:
    I have thought about this personally... But it'd mean something that would have to get updated all the time. It's work we rather not do... :P And if we hang on a certain stage, people will start complaining about that stage. We'd get answers like "Why is the TLing taking so long?" and "Get a new typesetter!", and things like that. We're only doing this for fun after all. :P

    Another point is, is that a status bar doesn't have to be a good indication of how fast everything goes. Sometimes we have a LOT of issues on a certain stage, so a typesetting stage (in example) will take a lot longer than normal. We can't give like "75%" on that then. :)

    Best guess is a release on thursday or this night. We can't guarantee stuff though; if people have to deal with RL, we just can't get it to you then. We do our best though. ^_^

  20. Best subber(s) ever. i dont download from any other fansubs except Hitode. ^_^

  21. thx for the response and i am more than satisfied with the reasons. keep up the good work and thx for another great release although it had too much of a filler feeling ;).