Sunday, December 7, 2008

Toradora 01

Hey people! Yes, you! We have released Toradora 01, XviD & h264. I know the series is already at the 10th episode and some groups have already released it, but I can safely assure you our version is the best. This may seem arrogant, but it has been worked on very hard for 2 months. It has been checked for quality for over 10 times by multiple people and lots of hours have been invested. Our encoder has eternal gratitude for encoding it so often!

If you watched another Toradora, check out ours and realise this is the one to keep, the one to burn on DVD, the one to show your friends...

Also, a special thanks should go to Dark-Rebirth, with whom we started out this project as a joint! They've been a help from the start, but we decided to co-operate on another project, on another time.

The torrents are listed below, but remember that we also have our speedy IRC bots! Enjoy it!

Toradora - 01 [XviD]
Toradora - 01 [h264]

More to come!