Monday, July 20, 2009

Dear people,
We have come to a day, where episode 3 is released. While we were first aiming to get raws with uncensored parts (you may guess which parts), it seems like none of the tv stations airing Princess Lover will be airing censorless. This means we will have to wait until ~October 2009-March 2010, when the DVDs will *probably* be released. In the meanwhile, keep this little thought in mind when watching Princess Lover:

"one must learn to see past the black hole panties" (Suicider)

Torrents below, xdcc bots have it up; we're ready for hefty download action, so have fun with episode 3!

Princess Lover! - 03 (XviD - 230.88MB)
Princess Lover! - 03 (h264 - 325.51MB)