Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Spring, Summer, ... New projects!

Seasons pass and that also means new project are to be picked up.
We finished a few projects a long while ago and have been preparing ourselves for two new projects. This led to picking up two new projects: ToHeart2 adplus and Princess Lover!

The first one has been released a few days ago and can be found on bots and the following torrent:
ToHeart2 adplus - OVA 1 (h264 - 350.50MB)
ToHeart2 adplus - OVA 1 (XviD - 208.70MB)

The latest project is to be found here:
Princess Lover! - 01 (h264 - 304.31MB)
Princess Lover! - 01 (XviD - 231.08MB)

About a month ago we also had our fourth and last episode of Toradora. Because of various reasons we have decided to drop this project.

The last finished project, Aria The Origination - Picture Drama can also be found on torrents:
Aria the Origination - Picture Drama (complete) (h264 - 340.06MB)
Aria the Origination - Picture Drama (complete) (XviD - 315.48MB)